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[lazycst]: All your feedback automatically gets posted here on Reddit now!

So a new page has been set up on ScorchResults over at where you can say what you like and don't like. Anything you write will automatically make it's way over to Reddit!

Owner Announcement | Sun Aug 09 2020 18:25

Using Brave Browser and seeing '404' messages when you visit ScorchResults? Fix it here - go to settings and flip the 'Show wayback' setting to off.
Owner Announcement | Sun Aug 09 2020 11:08

Pools feature added

The biggest update for months, ScorchChess officially now has support for pairing pools! That means you can assign players to a 'Pool 1' and a 'Pool 2' and have them only play players in that pool. It's a nice way to divide up your large tournaments into something with fewer rounds!

We plan to expand this feature in the future, adding pools into knockout, or pools into swiss. In the mean time you can check this out in action in James Connors’ UK University Chess League live now on ScorchChess!

Dev Announcement | Mon Jul 06 2020 01:46

ECF Nomination Report

You guys rock. You submitted us for an ECF award this year, in the category 'Online Chess Contribution of the Year'. We were pleased to say we created a nomination report and submitted it a few days ago. Waiting now on the results... in the mean time you can read it on the link below!

Check out the nomination details here.

Owner Announcement | Fri Jul 03 2020 21:56

Announcements sync with

The announcements post that you're reading now is synced with the subreddit! That means whenever the admin, /u/scorchchess makes a post, you'll read it immediately on the home screen. Expect a lot more updates as new features come in!

Owner Announcement | Fri Jul 03 2020 21:49

Mentioned in Northenden Chess Club blog

Northenden Chess Club were kind enough to feature us in their latest blog post, on re-establishing the club in the time of COVID-19. Their post details how ScorchApp and ScorchResults was used to support the 2020 Chess League, showing off features from our Standings and Stats pages. Check out their post!

Owner Announcement | Fri Jul 03 2020 21:46

Dark mode

Dark mode and custom backgrounds are here! Try it now within your ScorchResults profile.


Dev Announcement | Fri Jul 03 2020 21:45

Custom backgrounds

And another new feature for organisers because why not - you can now upload your own images as backgrounds within ScorchApp so you can work with whatever design you're comfortable. And it syncs across all devices.

Dev Announcement | Fri Jul 03 2020 21:27

Website launched

The official page for the Scorch pairing system has been rebuilt with an all-new design including screenshots from this page you're on right now! Check it out!

Dev Announcement | Fri Jul 03 2020 21:27

Feature: Results Correction

1.2.10 We've added new features to the Desktop App to let you go back to previous rounds' pairings and correct any mistakes. You can also add in players to any tournament add pair them that same round! Follow @ScorchChess on Twitter for all the latest programming updates.

Full report:

Try it out:

Owner Announcement | Fri Jul 03 2020 21:25

Programming Twitter

Follow me and all the latest at @ScorchChess on twitter. I'll be posting the "amusing" bugs I come across, some programming advice, and sneak-peeks of new features.

Dev Announcement | Fri Jul 03 2020 21:16

ChessHeroes Feature

We were featured in the latest stream by ChessHeroes playing in the latest 2020 Chess round! The streamers, a club from South Africa, tried out the pairings, 'watch live', standings, and stats features.

Exciting to think my work is being viewed around the world, gives the motivation to keep building new features.

Owner Announcement | Fri Jul 03 2020 20:14

We've hit 50 likes!

So proud to see the community of enthusiasts for ScorchApp grow so quickly and many thanks to all who helped make that happen. Just wait until the product is actually fully released... what will be the following be like then?

Owner Announcement | Fri Jul 03 2020 20:12