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Privacy Policy


Results by ScorchChess ("ScorchResults") is an online chess site. Users can optionally register for an account; however, certain features are available for registered users only. This is because ScorchResults needs basic information from its users in order to function. Your information will never be sold or shared to/with third parties, unless required by law.

This privacy policy will detail:

  1. What information ScorchResults collects;
  2. Why this information is collected and how it’s used;
  3. How cookies are used;
  4. Managing your information;
  5. Storage of the collected information;
  6. Closing your account;
  7. Other.

Information Collected

ScorchResults collects:

  1. User submitted information.

If you create an account, you will be asked to provide your email address. You can also choose to add content your public user profile.

  1. Third-party link information

  2. OAuth tokens for chess-playing websites

Why this information is collected and how it’s used

  1. User submitted information.

An email is required when you register for ScorchResults in order to mitigate multi-accounting. Your email address will remain confidential and is used in case you forget your password. developers are able to set email addresses for accounts to assist in troubleshooting.

Any content you add to your profile is optional, as is the option to make it publicly visible to anyone who visits your profile.

  1. Disclosing your information.

Your information will only be disclosed if it is legally necessary to do so. For example, if ScorchChess is ordered to hand over a certain user’s information, or if someone hacks any ScorchChess product.

  1. Third-party link information.

At your request, ScorchResults maintains a list of popular social media sites and chess-playing websites which you have verified you own. The verification methods ScorchResults employs is OAuth, though suitable alternatives (such as pasting codes into public views of a site) are employed where this is not possible. ScorchResults maintains data on which accounts you have verified and any access tokens with the permissions you have provided. Links and tokens can be revoked at any time.

  1. OAuth tokens for chess-playing websites

ScorchResults executes certain features via 3rd-party chess-playing websites, such as creating challenges or reading game history. Permission is explicitly requested from you to gain these access tokens. Links and tokens can be revoked at any time.


A cookie is a text string that ScorchResults stores in your browser in order to save your site preferences. An example of this can be your board style and theme you have selected.

Cookies can be cleared at any time from your browser. If you do not want ScorchResults to store any cookie information, feel free to disable cookies in your browser, although this may affect your browsing with other websites.

Managing your information

You can edit or delete the information from your profile at any time.

Storage of the collected information

Collected information is stored on ScorchChess' servers, the , which are hosted by AWS. ScorchChess' backups create snapshots of the ScorchChess database at a given date and they can never be modified.

Closing your account

You are currently not able to close a ScorchChess account, however this is a feature that will be added. When this is implemented, you may choose to close your account at any time, for any reason. You cannot re-open your closed account by yourself; however, developers are able to open closed accounts. Email the given contact email address to ask for your account to be re-opened. Remove the information you shared on your public profile before closing your account, as you will not be able to edit/delete it once your account is closed.

Accounts cannot be deleted because of how the tournament site's profile coordination works: your games and tournaments are linked to other's games.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please email the given contact email address.

ScorchResults can change this policy at its discretion.