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Jun 20 2020
Time control

No players entered yet

** 29 minutes until deadline **

Hi all,

You should have all contacted your opponents for this week's matches by now if not.... you have 29 minutes left!

Remember if you don't you risk your opponents claiming a default 8-0 win against you.

We have just under a 1/4 of the game links on the website so far, thanks it really makes a difference :)

An updated contact list/directory is attached with all the details :)

If you haven't watched this already check this out: (or if you have watch it again!)

And share around with your friends, lovely video featuring several of you for World Chess Day courtesy of the Gibraltar Chess Federation

Best wishes stay safe,

Peter Hornsby

Founder and Tournament Director of 2020 Chess

Director Announcement | Mon Jul 27 2020 23:18

** 2020 Chess Update 26th June **

Dear All,

Well done for setting up the matches for Round 1, it always is the most tricky week as new teams are welcomed, others make way creating repairing and adjustments, captains are switched and so on.

The next round draw will be made at around 7pm on Sunday UK time, and from there you will have until 7pm Tuesday UK time to submit the game links to or place on Scorch Results.

Just a reminder to please ensure that your correct players 'attend' the match and are in your club, if they do so ask them to hit the 'quit match' icon which is below the team names on the right hand side during registration.

Also please could each team create a 'team profile' document for the commentary! See the attached document for an example :)

^^^ a very interesting report that Ben Purton, Captain of the Tiger Sharks, have been working on which is well worth a read, you can email him at if you have any questions!

So, some more good news! Our 'real life' 2020 Chess sponsors Chess and Bridge who have now reopened:

And are offering several months magazine subscriptions for the overall tournament winners!

Remember that each captain is entitled to a diamond membership courtesy of , email to claim!

'Finally' now we are having one match a week it will hopefully leave more time for other great tournaments that 2020 Chess teams are running, please see below:

Best wishes and stay safe,

Peter Hornsby

Founder and Tournament Director of 2020 Chess

ChessKidsNation will host an Online Chess Tournament on June 26th to promote chess around the world!

It will be Blitz tournament 3 Minutes with 2 Seconds Increment.

There is NO Entry fee for this tournament.

Prize money will be based on lichess Standings. No Split based on points. Must be able to accept Paypal or Venmo.

1st place $25

2nd place $15

3rd place $10

Tournament link - Password - ckn

Entry requirements : Must be in team ChessKidsNation -


Balagee Govindan US Chess Federation Certified Chess Coach US Chess Federation Tournament Director

Schedule Free Chess Evaluation -

Director Announcement | Mon Jul 27 2020 23:17

** 2020 Chess Update 24th June 2020: Please read carefully! **

Dear All,

Congratulations to everyone for taking part in Stage 4, but there can only be one winner... and with an outstanding display it was Templários!

That leaves Stage 5 delicately poised with several teams holding a Stage each:

Tiger Sharks Australian Chess League United University Eskaki Templários

Aloysius Lip has been working extraordinarily hard as always and has adding something absolutely fantastic to Scorch Chess.... Individual Results!!!!!

If there are any amendments that need to be made or if you would like to discuss this wonderful program please email him at:

There is also the Fair Play Award to announce for Stage 4!

It's been lovely to read the various nominations, and the overall atmosphere and application to these tournaments have been fantastic, thanks to you all I'm sure there's others not mentioned.

The Fair Play Award is shared between:

Peter Kokol:

For turning down the chance to claim a default team win in an important game and playing the match anyway at the convenience of the opposition.

Andrew Todd:

For helping organize various friendly matches for developing teams against his sides so that they gained more experience in an extremely sporting manner.

Let's keep it up, and keep sending these stories in!

We got 80% of the game links before the deadline of Stage 5 so thank you.

It'll be the same each week; as soon as the last match in the Round is finished I will make the draw and then I'll need the game links before 7pm on Tuesdays.

It makes a real difference on the organizing side, and it will make covering matches with commentary possible to get more teams more exposure.

On that front, please when you have the time before next Monday create 'Team Profiles' and email them to:

This is for Chess Heroes and will enable them to give the lowdown on each team for the commentary, which we endeavour to take to a very wide audience shortly.... :)

Best wishes and stay safe as always,

Peter Hornsby

Founder and Tournament Director of 2020 Chess

Director Announcement | Mon Jul 27 2020 23:15


Tune in, absolute epic matches right now!

Director Announcement | Mon Jul 27 2020 23:13

Free Chess System Subscription! Plus 2020 Chess Updates 22nd June

'Chess Clubs and Chess Coaches Get a FREE Subscription Good Through August 15th 2020. To Schedule a demo contact

Mention coupon code "2020Chess" when you contact Balagee Govindan (

Think Like a King overview -

Think Like a King can be completely integrated into Chess Club's website and it can be whitelabelled with Chess Club logo and chess coach contact details.

We just Launched Online Game Play that includes

  • Coaches can create matches between their Teams and Individual players within their own Chess Club.
  • Players can invite other club members for games.
  • No online contact with strangers.
  • Completely Child safe environment.
  • Coaches can annotate the games that were played by their students.'

' From our friends over at Chess Kids Nation Alabama, highly recommend and our many thanks to them!

Also have received a couple of 'Fair Play Nominations', please email them in by 11pm tonight so I can announce the Award Winner, thank you!

Thank you also for those who have set up the game links, keep sending them in as soon as you can :)

This will enable us to plan commentary and we hopefully will have some really big news about that soon which will give the tournament even more exposure...

Best wishes as always and stay safe,

Peter Hornsby

Founder and Tournament Director of 2020 Chess

Director Announcement | Mon Jul 27 2020 23:12

Draw for Round 1 Stage 5 Now Live

And we're off!

Please contact your opponent as soon as possible any issues let me know :)

Remember you must submit the game links to me by Tuesday 7pm UK time or your team will risk 0 points for Round 1.

Also there's a revolutionary way to make a sharable match link, once you send the challenge right click on 'view' and it creates something like this: >> which the opposition captain can view!

Finally, as you know we don't and never have charged entry fees, so please donate what you can here:

In raising funds with our linked charity to fight COVID-19.

Best wishes and stay safe,

Peter Hornsby

Founder and Tournament Director of 2020 Chess <>

Director Announcement | Mon Jul 27 2020 23:10

Dear All,

I hope you are having a decent weekend, and well done on Friday night's matches!

We look forward to 'Magic Monday' where the winner of Stage 4 will be confirmed (if we don't have to have a play off of course).

The draw for Round 1 of Stage 5 will be made very shortly, so please read the attached documents as soon as possible and let me know as soon possible if there are any mistakes/amendments/objections etc.

The rules have been updated slightly so read carefully, the most significant change is of course that we are now playing at one match a week.

This means that when the draw is made on Sunday night UK time you have 36 hours after that to make 'first contact' with your opponent and until 7pm Tuesday night UK time to set up the match link and email it to or put on Scorch Chess.

The deadline for completing games is 7pm Sunday night UK time, so that should leave plenty of time for all the matches to be completed :)

The default match time is suspended in the first week and there will be more leniency for the new teams (most welcome by the way!) then after that we will be fully up and running.

We have had four incredibly epic tournaments thus far, so bring on Stage 5!

Any questions as always look at the rules document first then ask me :)

Best wishes and stay safe,

Peter Hornsby

Founder and Tournament Director of 2020 Chess

Director Announcement | Mon Jul 27 2020 23:08